Client Testimonials
"My attorney is professional, prompt and very thorough with explaining protocol and procedures. I not only am in the process of learning about the legal system, she made me feel part of it as well in a good way. I highly recommend this attorney for speed and accuracy. I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with her."

"Lauren is very dedicated and was honest with me throughout the whole process. She jumped right into my case, even though I contacted her a week before my case. She knew exactly what to do to help me. I recommend her to anyone who needs someone that can think quick on their feet."

"​I contacted, consulted, and hired Lauren. I explained the situation. She consulted with the person and we agreed to hire her. Though we were pressed for time, everything pertaining to or for the case was obtained. Again, she reviewed, consulted with us. She was honest, straight forward and to the point. We pray that we will never need her services in that area; but would not hesistate to hire her again."

"Lauren was very professional and personable. She kept me updated on the case through the entire process and made me feel at ease. Her courtroom adequate was very respectable and she was confident at all times."

"I didn’t understand the rules and I was terrified of the consequences so I turned to a trusted friend who suggested I call Lauren Milks and I am so glad I did. When you work with Lauren you are represented by a professional with the highest level of expertise. Lauren returned my call before 8AM on the first day and clearly explained the process. She was reassuring and diligent in gathering the facts.  I can’t imagine how much time she spent on my case and she always responded to every question promptly. I know she is in demand and very busy, but I always felt like a priority. I was very happy witLauren is very dedicated and was honest with me throughout the whole process. She jumped right into my case, even though I contacted her a week before my case. She knew exactly what to do to help me. I recommend her to anyone who needs someone that can think quick on their feet.h the outcome of my case and I credit that to Lauren’s hard work and also to the enormous respect she obviously has earned with everyone in the process, from the law enforcement, to the judges and clerks. Lawyers could work decades and not have half of her courtroom experience and insight into the inner workings of the entire process.  When you need someone on your side, call Lauren Milks."
-​Charlene D.​.

"I hired Lauren to deal with a case regarding me taking responsibility of my roommate's alcohol under the impression that it was our friend's alcohol. When I told Lauren exactly what had happened, she was understanding of the situation. She is intelligent, and very personable. I met with her in person a few days later, and we went over what our next course of action would be. Lauren knew exactly what we were going to do, and was confident in every decision we made. We planned to go to trial, but wanted to make sure that if we ended up not going, my punishment would not be as harsh. She tracked down the officer that cited me and persuaded him to lessen my community service hours and lower my underage to a noise violation. Lauren accomplished this right after we discussed it. We then met up a few more times and discussed the trial. She explained that I can either accept what the officer had given me, or we can go to trial, where there is a chance I will be found guilty. Lauren said that it was up to me, but that she is a firm believer in justice, and would hate to see me accept responsibility for something that wasn't mine. I chose the trial. I had no doubt in Lauren's abilities and was confident that she would present a fantastic argument on my behalf. And she did. We won! A witness and my roommate were present in the courtroom, but Lauren did not even need to question my roommate. Lauren's arguments were enough to prove I was not guilty. At the stand, she was calm, poised, and sure of her every argument. 
Lauren Milks is a rare treasure. Talented, passionate, knowledgable, assertive, compassionate, the list goes on and on. She in invested in her work and puts her all into each and every case she recieves. If you ever have the pleasure of working with Lauren Milks, consider yourself an extremely lucky person." 
-Colleen O.​​

"It is now high time for me to express my thanks to Lauren K. Milks.  What did she do? She dissolved the attitude and anger and revenge in the minds of the bus driver and the person to whom the bus driver was speaking and dissolved the spirit of punishment in the mind of (the) officer who brought the case before (the) Magistrate.  She accomplished these feats through her highly developed skills of innovation and inventiveness.  It was not accomplished overnight but over weeks of effort, she persuaded the involved parties that no good purpose would be served by punishing me with points and the removal of my driving license.  Fortunately for me, her efforts were immensely successful and I will always be very grateful to her.  As a follow-up to her efforts, Lauren persuaded (the) Magistrate to return the fine I originally paid and removed stigma of the original charge from my record and substituted instead a much lesser charge with no points charged and my drivers license preserved.  How could anyone possibly improve on these accomplishments?  In my opinion, Lauren must be one of the best attorneys.  Not only is Lauren highly effective, but she is remarkably charming and convincing.  If ever again I or any of my friends need legal help, you may be assured Lauren Milks will be the attorney we request."
-Miles O.

"I cannot give enough positive feedback on my experience working with Lauren. From our initial meeting on, she ensured I clearly understood the options available to me, answered all of my questions, and was consistently very timely in her follow up during all stages of my case. The attribute that most sets Lauren apart is her empathy. She truly cared about my case, and her effort and diligence on my behalf are unparalleled. Lauren explored and discussed all possible avenues for my situation and customized a plan to fit my needs and comfort level. I am 100% confident that because of Lauren's efforts and advice, I was able to secure the best possible outcome for my case."
-Emily M.

"Lauren Milks is a fantastic lawyer. She worked very hard in getting my DUI case dropped. Lauren kept in great communication during the entire process. She worked diligently researching old cases that may help convince the judge to drop my case.  When anyone asks me about a lawyer immediately suggest Lauren. She is by far a brilliant lawyer and will not let you down. ​"
-Jeremiah M.

"Attorney Milks was able to help me when I felt as though no one else could.  She fought against a big insurance company when we were overcharged more than $30,000.  While I know Ms. Milks is focusing solely on criminal law moving forward, her tenacity, attention to detail and innovative thinking set her apart.  Her communication is superior and she never gives up."
​-Paul B.

"I instantly felt comfortable having Lauren Milks represent me after our first meeting.  She was incredibly professional and personable.  During our time working together, I always felt prepared and taken care of through the entire process.  I always felt that my best interests were taken to heart and ultimately a complex issue was made to seem easy.   I'm greatly appreciative of Mrs. Milks and all of her hard work and dedication to my case." 
-Molly G.

"I was facing 5 years (of prison) when I was pulled over and the cops found drugs and a gun in my car.  Lauren never gave up fighting for me and  I pled to a simple possession and was put on probation instead of going to jail."  
-Kyle H.

"We are only as good as our leader.  Thank you for your guidance and support."
-Carmen R.

"Thanks for handling this case.  It was the right thing to do.  You did an outstanding job!"
-Richard F.

"A real pleasure meeting you and seeing your expertise in action.  You were confident and it showed in the way you handled our case.  It was impressive and you reached a happy conclusion."
-Trish R.

The above serves as testimonials from actual clients of Lauren K. Milks.  These testimonials in no way serve to guarantee a future result.