Criminal Defense

Lauren K. Milks is an attorney with the experience And perspective necessary for the most successful outcome in a given criminal case.

If you're facing criminal charges in West Chester, Pennsylvania and the surrounding counties, including Chester, Delaware, Lancaster and Montgomery, it is critical to ensuring a successful outcome that you obtain legal counsel with perspective and experience.

Lauren K. Milks of Milks Law LLC, brings innovative, defense practices rooted in experience and perspective to her clients. Ms. Milks’ education and employment history have afforded her the opportunity to see the criminal justice system from all angles thereby providing her clients with the most comprehensive criminal defense.  

At Milks Law LLC a client is interviewed regarding all of the details of his or her particular case to ensure that no stone is left unturned.  A client is then counseled on the elements of the particular offense charged, given a comprehensive defense plan and possibility of record expungement.

Clients at Milks Law LLC also receive comprehensive counseling and advice regarding any potential implications to an individual's current or future employment/licensure due to pending criminal charges.  Similarly, Ms. Milks consults with businesses regarding those employees who have been charged or convicted of crimes in Pennsylvania. ​
Criminal Defense Practice Areas
  1. Driving Under the Influence
  2. Drug Possession & Distribution
  3. Property & Theft Crimes
  4. Assault Charges
  5. Weapons Violations
  6. White Collar & Cyber Crimes
  7. Under Age Drinking & Summary Citations
  8. Violations of Probation
DUI Statutes
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Assault Statutes
Weapons Statutes
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